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Extend your Dream with Our Commercial Vehicle Loans

Heavy (Duty) Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Loans

Heavy Duty Vehicle or heavy commercial vehicles are which have a gross vehicle weight upwards of 16.2 tonnes. Most of these vehicles are purchased only under financing. The rate of interest for the loan depends on various factors like customer profiles and location.

For New Vehicle Loan
We provide customized financing for different type of vehicle loans with competitive rates and fast processing. For the new vehicles once the loan is approved you can make the initial payment and on completion of necessary documentation the delivery order for the vehicle is made and the vehicle is delivered to you. There will be a clear transparency in our transactions. Normally we provide the financial assistance up to 75% of the on road cost of the vehicle.

For Used Vehicle Loan
For used commercial vehicle- we provide finance for buying a used vehicle. We also extend financial assistance against an existing unencumbered (free) vehicle having good condition. Based on the condition and the market value of the vehicle the quantum of loan is determined through credit approval. Generally, GTP Finance offers all kind of financing solutions for the purchase of commercial vehicles- (used and new vehicles).

Interest Rate
Interest will be charged based on risk gradation for all asset Loan.

Medium, Intermediate and Light Duty Truck (LDT) Loans

These vehicles have a gross vehicle weight ranging from 5 to 16.2 tones and are engaged in medium haulage business.

GTP Finance provides financing options for both new and used LDT’s.

Pickup Truck and Mini Truck (P&MT) Loans

These vehicles are plying major role in short hauls and last mile situations GTP finance always take care of the small operator and driver cum owner category of vehicle users in general.

Passenger Vehicle Loans

GTP Finance provides financial assistance in passenger vehicles starting from simple three wheelers, taxis, vans, buses to high cost and state of the art Volvo / Mercedes buses to cater the need of fast growing society.

Farm Equipment and Tractor Loans

Finance for new and used tractors, combined harvesters and other farm implements in all categories. The entire process is transparent. GTP finance provides financial solutions to the farming community to help them to deploy both in agricultural and commercial purposes.

GTP Finance offers
  • Available for wide range of tractors
  • Quick disbursal
  • Stress-free loan sanction
  • Flexible documentation
  • Different loan repayment options

Construction Vehicle and Equipment Loans

GTP Finance provides loans for vehicles involved in construction or equipment’s ranging from excavators, loaders, dumpers, tippers, compactors, cranes to compressors. We provide finance even to the small operators with affordable finance charges with flexible repayment options.

Car & Two-wheeler Loan

GTP Finance offers Car/Two-Wheeler Loans at attractive interest rates to both salaried and self-employed individuals, including farmers and traders, who meet our age and income eligibility criteria.

GTP Used Vehicle Loans

GTP finance provides loans for the entire range of used commercial vehicles from Small Commercial vehicles, Heavy commercial vehicles to Tractor and Trailers.

GTP Finance offers
  • Flexible documentation
  • Easy processing.
  • Loans available for entire range of used commercial vehicles.
  • Different Loan repayment options
  • End-to-end doorstep service
  • Easy loans (without income documents) for existing GTP customers with good repayment records for 12 months

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